Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Political Consultative Conference, said the computer is free to perform their duties need to send

With the "members of the Office platform," the proposal may be submitted year round active inter-State affairs

CPPCC members this year will no longer be issued laptop recovery hot lead, the CPPCC session, the secretariat and technical support group leader, director of the CPPCC National Committee General Office of the Information Center has an exclusive interview, Zhang Shan, to respond to this matter. Zhang Shan said that this was a regular member to perform their duties, the need for normalization.

Procurement of about 10 million yuan

According to "Guangzhou Daily" reported the CPPCC National Committee member Zhang Xiaomei recently revealed in the micro-Bo, "when reporting to each member received a new computer, and unlike last year, this year no longer need to return the computer after use, this should actually be more. "

"At that time the staff tells me that this one does not have recovered this year. Because last year to recover, so I just feel a bit surprised." Xiao-Mei Zhang told reporters. She is also micro-Bo wrote, "last year to return the computer does not make sense to have a computer too lazy to re-familiar with the new computer a few days without the hair he will not use your end of the meeting is indeed recovered thousands of computers is a waste. Members made the computer network and electronic office will promote awareness. "

CPPCC notebook users do not recall caused great concern. Some Internet users is estimated that the costs of procurement by 5,000 yuan each to project, more than 2000 computers need about 10 million yuan. However, some netizens said that the statements were not recovered after the convenience of members is to work, "20 years ago meeting fat pen, 20 years after the meeting made computer" is the same reason.

If do not need to be returned to the computer

Zhang, said that by early this year, members of the CPPCC National Committee established a network of office platform, which is a service-oriented work of the CPPCC National Committee members of the platform. In addition to the plenary session can be provided to members of the office of information services, after the closing plenary session, members can still be dispensed by the identity of digital certificate, all-weather access to "members of the Office platform," to achieve the file transfer, read and download, daily information CPPCC browsing, and work-related information query, the discussion among members and exchange functions. More importantly, the members of the perennial proposals submitted through the Internet, conference speeches, research reports and offer advice and suggestions, reflecting the popular feelings, so that the general members meeting is no longer a "member" and thereby members to perform the functions of a regular, normal , might be "all weather" to give full play the main role in the plenary session for further inter-active work of members of political participation. Therefore, after this time, members can be held by the computer back to work, perform their functions for the inter-sessional work, and continue to use the meeting in the series. "If the members of the allotment without meeting the computer, the computer can be returned, we will further fully to play the role of these computers." Zhang Shan said.

Zhang Shan introduced the great efforts to strengthen the information construction work of the CPPCC, the CPPCC is to promote the scientific work necessary requirement. In recent years, the CPPCC National Committee Office information technology breakthrough has been made, received solid results. The members of the applications, the second plenary session in the last year the implementation of electronic reading, based on three meetings this year to perform their duties in full swing application. As the afternoon of March 7, in 5430 the proposal in 1903 by members of the Office platform, online submission, addressing the General Assembly in 758, there are 485 members of the Office platform through the Internet, there are 56 social conditions and public opinion, 26 work proposal is submitted by members of the online office platform.

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